Business succession and valuation
Succession planning and related aspects as a strategic task.

Business succession is a strategic task as it aims to ensure that the transition from one business owner to the next is seamless.

The reasons why we take a strategic view and approach include:

Continuity and stability: well-planned business succession ensures the continuity of the company, and by doing so, also stability in business operations, customer relationships, and market positions. Avoiding significant tax burdens is a particularly noteworthy factor when it comes to continuity and stability.

Ensuring business success: the correct succession strategy ensures the long-term success of the company by making sure that the vision, mission, and corporate goals are passed down and upheld.

Resource allocation and talent management: strategic succession planning helps to ensure that resources and talents are allocated within the correct time-frames and future leaders are adequately prepared and trained.

Business valuation can also play a central role in the context of business succession. It provides a solid foundation for all further considerations.

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