Proceedings before tax courts
In court and on the high seas... is best not to leave it to luck alone. We will help you assert your rights so that you are not left to fend for yourself.

Representation before tax courts undoubtedly ranks among some of the greatest challenges in tax consultancy, both in terms of the tax law knowledge and procedural expertise required. Focusing on the actual tax issue alone is simply not enough. The success of proceedings also hugely depends on strategic considerations. This is the sort of knowledge that cannot be acquired from textbooks – it is gained through years of experience.

Here at GKM Tax and Law, we undoubtedly have extensive experience, whether before the tax courts, the Federal Tax Court, or the Federal Constitutional Court. We will not shy away from disputes and we are ready for any challenges associated with defending your claims at the highest level. Do we see ourselves as “champions of justice"? Yes, we absolutely do!

You can fully rely on the comprehensive experience of GKM Tax and Law in the area of representation before tax courts.

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