Structuring and contract design
Efficient structuring and optimisation of complex scenarios as part of first-rate consultancy.

Tax structuring is essential to optimise tax burden and enhance financial efficiency. Reasons for tax structuring of individual matters include:

  • Tax burden minimisation: Careful structuring can achieve legal tax savings by utilising tax benefits, exemptions, and optimal tax rates.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation: Effective tax structuring ensures compliance with all tax regulations to minimise the risk of tax penalties and legal conflicts.
  • Resource optimisation: Structuring enables the optimal use of resources in the company by aligning investments, financing and business models with tax advantages.
  • Long-term planning and flexibility: Forward-looking tax structuring allows for long-term tax planning and for flexible adaptation to changes in the business environment.

The way contracts are drafted is crucial in this context as they form the basis for tax structuring. Overall, careful tax structuring, coupled with well-thought-out contract design, is essential to maximise tax benefits and to ensure legal compliance and long-term business success.

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