Tax consultancy

The term "tax consultancy” itself already contains the most crucial aspect of the service – namely "consultancy." We not only perform classic consultancy tasks, such as support with tax declarations, but also primarily help you achieve optimal structuring and planning.

A special feature of our Firm is that, unlike many traditional "tax boutiques", we not only have high expertise in optimal tax structuring but also support you in technical implementation. This is done, for example, by showing your tax advisor the specifics of the necessary tax returns and discussing them together. Alternatively, we also have specialists in our team who prepare the returns themselves and, at your request, can also provide ongoing support.

Whatever you request can be provided by us from a single source. In addition to tax expertise, our dedicated team will ensure that the structures found also have access to ongoing support, so you are not left alone in any "complex scenario”. We will remain by your side. All the classic services typically provided by a tax consultancy firm, such as financial accounting, payroll accounting, preparation of annual financial statements, and tax declaration, are therefore part of our comprehensive spectrum.

We specialise in intelligent tax structuring that optimises your business activities. In this regard, we place great emphasis on an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to consultancy.

"Our Firm places special emphasis on expertise, professionalism, commitment, trust and teamwork to achieve the goals set with you. This includes giving you our time, keeping you informed of the status of any proceedings, and making our fee calculations transparent."

Guiding principle of our Firm

Whether it is tax strategies for your company, your investments, or your personal financial planning, we can find tailored solutions specifically adapted to your needs. Thanks to our thorough and specialised understanding of tax law as well as knowledge of the broader legal framework, combined with the expertise of our cooperation partners, we can create a solid foundation for your success.

We also do not shy away from challenging the tax authorities when necessary to protect your interests. We will handle objection proceedings for you and manage tax audits. Applications for suspension of enforcement, deferral of enforcement, and apportionment notices are part of our day-to-day practice. If we need to appeal against liability notices, we will vigorously do so for you.

"For us, tax consultancy means critically questioning the statements of the tax authorities and, if necessary, fighting for the rights of our clients. We are aware that this does not always make us friends with the tax office. But our consultancy approach does not place so much emphasis on that."

Quote by Prof Dr Jürgen Mertes

Our partners are well-versed in all types of tax law, including international tax law. An international dimension is not a barrier for us, but rather a challenge that we are happy to embrace. Double taxation agreements, progression reservation, parent-subsidiary directive and foreign tax law are the focus of our ongoing consultancy practice. For example, we advise German subsidiaries of foreign parent companies or domestic holding companies with foreign subsidiaries. We will examine whether there are any tax obstacles to emigration for you and prepare your first German income tax return if you have recently moved to Germany. The diversity of international tax law often offers interesting structuring approaches in consultancy practice. Feel free to contact us so that we can develop a custom-made concept just for you.

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Jens Köhlhoff
Tax Advisor, Managing Director
Jonas Neef, LL.M.
Business Lawyer, Tax Advisor, Managing Director
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Tax consultancy

We understand tax consultancy as a holistic approach that encompasses comprehensive analysis, planning, and optimisation of tax matters for individuals, businesses, organisations and institutions. Ensuring compliance with tax obligations, from financial accounting to tax declarations, is also part of the tax consultancy services offered by GKM Tax and Law.

Tax structuring

As stated in a Federal Court of Justice ruling from as early as 1965: "Whoever has the duty to pay taxes also has the right to save on taxes." To achieve this, the lawyers and tax advisors here at GKM Tax and Law utilise their extensive knowledge to plan and structure your taxes with utmost care and in compliance with all legal regulations. Our goal? Minimise your tax burden transparently and efficiently.

Financial auditing

The area of financial auditing encompasses a huge variety of content. From the audit of the annual financial statements by our associated partners to financial advice matters or the support of M&A deals, GKM Tax and Law offers a whole range of consultancy services.

Private clients

Advising private clients is a specialised service of GKM Tax and Law that is tailored to the individual needs of high-net-worth individuals. It encompasses an extensive range of services aimed at protecting, managing, and optimising wealth.

Corporate law

Corporate law and tax law are inherently linked, as the legal structure of a company has direct implications for its taxes. Changes in the corporate structure can trigger tax consequences, and tax planning requires a thorough understanding of corporate legal frameworks. A holistic view of both legal areas is therefore crucial to reconcile legal and tax aspects and achieve optimal results.

Tax law

The combination of tax knowledge and legal expertise enables us to work out accurate solutions to complex matters. We consider the entirety of tax law and not just individual specialised regulations.

Legal representation

Successful representation in legal proceedings requires expertise, strategic planning, evidence-based argumentation, strong communication and negotiation skills, assertiveness, as well as effective teamwork and resource management. You will find all of this and more at GKM Tax and Law. Our team has an exceptionally high level of experience in the field of successful legal representation, whether in tax court proceedings or in civil and labour law cases.

Contract law and drafting of contracts

Contract law and drafting are essential components of structural tax planning. The goal here is to create clear and fair contracts that consider the interests of all parties and minimise legal risks. Our lawyers will help ensure that previously devised strategies are implemented in the most optimal way possible.

Civil law

Our lawyers will advise, represent, and support you in all civil law matters. This includes, for example, analysing legal matters, drafting legal documents such as complaint letters or contracts, representing clients in court and in out-of-court negotiations, and developing strategies to uphold our clients' interests.