Top athletes

Whether at the start, during, or after their careers, top athletes require a tax advisor who specialises in their needs.

There are practically countless ways in which an individual can be a professional athlete, while the needs of racing drivers, equestrians and table tennis players are naturally going to differ. Likewise, “tax advisor" is also just an umbrella term for a variety of specialised areas of focus within the field of taxation. Being a good swimmer does not automatically make you a good tennis player, does it? And the same goes for tax advisors.

Professional sports, in addition to tough competitions and relentless training, also entail plenty of business aspects. This is why it is so important for professionals to have an overview of the pitfalls and optimisation opportunities of tax law. This knowledge will lay the groundwork for their financial futures, even following the end of their active careers. As tax advisors and lawyers specialised in elite sports, we will provide you with holistic and targeted support in all tax, legal, economic, and financial aspects of the business side of your activities and will actively contribute to your economic success.

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